Laser Tag – Yet Another Fun Team Bonding Session

The Impossible crew had an exhilarating team bonding session last Friday battling it out over a game of Laser Tag! Check out some of the intense combat footage we managed to catch below 🙂

Psst… images may be grainy due to the high intensity of our game.

Serious Pre-Game Briefing
Preparing To Grab Our Laser Guns
Much Shooting Going On
Our Last Woman Standing
One Of Our Laser Tag Teams
Tired But Happy Faces After Our Workout

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Making Music at Team Music – May’s Team Bonding

Hey guys! Guess what i’ll be posting about today? Well, the title says it all: Impossible’s latest team bonding session!

We love our team bonding sessions. It’s a chance for us to take a break from our Digital Marketing Agency duties and have fun outside of the office 🙂

This time, our team bonding session was held at Team Music @ Scape … we really seem to love Scape a lot. Our previous team bonding was held there too.

The pictures below show how we spent our day. Check them out!

Our friendly facilitators led some warm up exercises
Our Ukulele Team
Our Percussion Team
Our Singers

We were then split into 2 groups. Both would be performing the song YMCA and the judges would decide on 1 winning team.

Team Whatever Lah
Team A Lah

Guess who won?

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New Training Room Reveal – Hooray!

Hey guys, it has been awhile since my last update! Business has been booming and Impossible Marketing is experiencing an exciting time full of new opportunities.

I’m ecstatic to introduce our latest training room today at International Plaza! Impossible Marketing is expanding our range of Digital Marketing courses and we will be offering hot topics like PPC, SEO, E-commerce, Google Analytics and more.

The comfort of our students is definitely a priority, and we decided to acquire an additional training room to accommodate the need for increased training space 🙂

Let me take you through our new training room’s renovation journey!

Stripping the previous carpet – Messy!
Work in progress
Renovation works are finally completed – Check out our new carpets 🙂
Brand new air conditioning and state-of-the-art projector
Large windows that make our room look larger than its 635 sq ft

A beautiful aerial view of Tanjong Pagar’s CBD District greets you when you look out of the windows. Evening guests will be treated to a spectacular sunset!

This room is available for rent when we are not using it. Are you as excited to use this training space as we are?

Do stay tuned as I’ll be sharing our latest achievements with you over the next few weeks.

More Passive Income – Additional USD50 per day

My new venture!

As you guys know, I own many businesses and have multiple sources of income.

In my latest venture, I’m into Bitcoin!
I did some affiliate marketing and it’s paying off well.

Check out this!

Not too bad for a passive income huh!!

It has been very consistent and on an average, I am making USD $50 per day.
This is equal to SGD $67 per day and $2000 per month! =)

My earning to date:

Should I start teaching affiliate on bitcoin soon? =)
Alan Koh

Super long overdue post!

It has been more than 6 months since I last updated my blog. Haha.
So what am I busy with? Well, we are expanding to another country and we are recruiting.

Impossible Marketing is really a great company to work it. Our team is full of energy and we have a great culture.

Check out our Singapore team here!

I am looking to grow into a 20 pax team in Singapore and 30-40 pax worldwide in 2018.

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Alan Koh

Team Impossible goes to JB for team bonding

Team Impossible travel to JB for a short trip. =)

Team Impossible at Laser Quest
All of them seem to have a common target!
Team A
Team B
Dinner after the game

After a good gathering, it’s shopping time!

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Work Hard, Play Harder!
Alan Koh

10% better than last month – Google Adsense

A quick update, we did 10% better than last month.

If you are wondering why am I so fascinated by my Adsense income, I am wondering why too! Haha.

Perhaps it is a sense of achievement that I plan 20 months ago and it worked like a charm.

There you go!

We did 10% better than last month (last month was at $616) at $677.
It is really awesome as a passive income!

This month started slower due to the holiday but it will bounce back soon!

What’s next? Hmmmm…..
I will be revealing soon!

Time to retire as an SEO Consultant? =)
Alan Koh