100k grant approved. Wait! It’s pre-approved!

Wow Wow! The good news just keep coming don’t they!

Well, after 2 years of focusing to grow the team, I am back to training again. And why is that so? Because we have a 100k pre-approved for our SEO course. I am really blessed to have an awesome team that make all this happen.

Are you ready to find out more?

Sure, register your interests today. I can guarantee it’s 100% worth your time. Else you can always drop by my office for a cup of coffee – its on me!!

100k pre approved! WOW!
Alan Koh

We are looking to fund you!

Yes yes, you read it. Impossible Marketing (Group of Companies) is looking to fund business ventures in Singapore (currently only in Singapore).

As part of our business expansion and portfolio diversification, we are looking to support Singapore companies with our resources.

If you are a 1-man show or have a small team, we want to grow with you (that is when you need our help too la).

Imagine tapping to our resources (our connection, marketing expertise, leadership and funds) to grow your business. All you need to do is to focus on the day to day operation.

Well, we will be starting this soon (perhaps in 2020) but if you think you have a great products/services and can tap on our resources to grow now, feel free to contact us.

Let’s meet for coffee and discuss more!
Alan Koh


After 2 years, I am back to give talk!

Wow! Time really flies.

My last public seminar is back in Oct/Nov 2017, which is almost 2 years ago. Well, Impossible Marketing is very lucky to have big companies engaging us for our services and I didn’t have the time to do any talk (except for some private invitation).

2 years after building the team, from 5 pax to 30pax, I am back to give talk again!

Yesterday, after doing my 1st talk in my training room after 2 years, the feeling is awesome. I still have it! Haha.

If you are keen, you can join my free preview here: https://www.impossible.sg/seo-certification-course/

See you soon!
Alan Koh

Impossible Marketing is selected as the EXCLUSIVE training partner for Singtel’s Shoptiq Course

Yes, you read it right, we are the EXCLUSIVE training partner for Singtel’s Shoptiq training!

Well, the best company always choose to work with the best company. =)

The best part – it’s free for everyone to attend!

You can start to register here: https://www.impossible.sg/free-e-commerce-digital-marketing-course

More free courses: https://www.impossible.sg/free-workshops
More courses: https://www.impossible.sg/our-courses (100% payable using SkillsFuture credits)

It’s time to upgrade your E-commerce knowledge with Shoptiq!
Alan Koh

Google just made SGD $2million from me…..

Yeap, you read it!

Google just made SGD $2million from me…… and my clients!

Not too bad from a small Digital Marketing Agency like Impossible Marketing. Imagine the bigger agencies!

Our spendings are increasing fast, as fast as SGD$100k per month.

So “mai tu liao”, contact us today! Alternatively, you can also learn from us – https://www.impossible.sg/our-courses/

Creating new WordPress Post/Page is irritating? I have the solution!

Yeap, the latest WordPress update is irritating.
Especially when you are trying to create/edit a post/page.

You can install this plugin called “Classic Editor”. It enables you to use the old-style WordPress editor yet it gives you the full protection from the latest WordPress update.

Screenshot of me installing “Classic Editor”

This is the link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/