A chance worth fighting for – Siti Hajar

Recently a SPD student of mine approached me for help. She needed donation to fund her treatment. There is a chance that she will be able to walk again.

The story


“Hi im Siti Hajar.It’s always been a dream of mine to walk out of my wheelchair.I have cerebral palsy that affects all four of my limbs and its movements.Managing cerebral palsy does get harder with age and time.My muscles are constantly overwork to carry out the simplest movements possible because every action has to be thought through unlike others without cerebral palsy.Often Im left thoroughly exhausted towards the end of the day. Ive recently found out about Advanced Bio mechanical Rehabilitation.Details are here: http://www.blyum.com/What_is_ABR_.html

It’s a comprehensive and unique biomechanically based rehabilitation approach for children and young adults with brain injury.ABR brings predictable recovery of musculoskeletal structure and motor functions trough rebuilding of the musculoskeletal structure and the restoration of bio-electrical signals flowing between the muscles and the brain.Im positive that with ABR movements that are previously carefully planned and executed would be become actions that comes naturally and smooth for me.Subsequently with ABR , I hope to walk out of my wheelchair.

Discoveries and medical breakthroughs are made every day thus there’s hope in believing that ABR could benefit other children with brain injury like mine if mine could be a success and it will be,i believe.

Thus help fund and realise my dream of walking.Let my story be an inspiration to other children out there.any amount of donations would help me kickstart my dream. thank you.”

Source: https://life.indiegogo.com/fundraisers/help-me-walk-out-of-my-wheelchair-with-abr

About Siti

Siti is a cheerful girl who doesn’t give up. I still remember I got to know her when she emailed our company to request for a seat for our training program. At that time, we have an upcoming event with Handicap Welfares Association (HWA) but she is not a member of HWA. So she approach HWA directly and sign up to be a member. Her determination to learn really touched me.

So when I see this post, I simply can’t ignore it. I felt that if this could give her a chance to walk again, I will help her.

Siti’s situation

I called her up personally and understand that she is requesting for a sum of USD $1200. The cost of her medical bill is actually USD $2500 per month. She managed to get her treatment 75% sponsored but she is still required to pay USD $600 per month. Therefore, she hope to raise USD $1200 to fund 2 months of her treatment and thereafter get a job to fund the remaining treatment cost by herself. When I checked her post, she manage to raise only USD $115 (9.6% of her targeted amount).

What I did

So, I decided to spread this to my network of students:

“Hi guys, let’s help Siti walk out of her wheelchair!

I used to donate regularly to charity organisations. However, I have stop doing so after being greatly disappointed by the misuse of donated funds as suggested in some of the news report (let’s not go into that). Even though I stop donating money, I did not stop believing in helping people in need. That is why I turn my attention to donate my time and knowledge to help the less fortunate. This is also the very main reason why I started www.ImpossibleFoundation.org (influence more people to donate time and knowledge to help).

For Siti’s case, she was one of my student when I held the free training at Handicaps Welfare Association (HWA). I have personally contacted her and verified the situation. You have my assurance that this is a genuine case. Siti is suffering from cerebral palsy and it affects all four of her limbs and their movements. She is requesting for donation to fund her treatment (known as Advanced Bio mechanical Rehabilitation). If the treatment is effective, it will take about 3 years to heal. The cost of her medical bill is USD $2500 per month. She managed to get her treatment 75% sponsored but she is still required to pay USD $600 per month. Therefore, she hope to raise USD $1200 to fund 2 months of her treatment and thereafter get a job to fund the remaining treatment cost by herself. As of now, she manage raise USD $115 (9.6% of her targeted amount).

So guys, I say let’s help her walk out of her wheelchair!!!

For every dollar that you donate, I will match dollar to dollar. (Eg. If total donation from this group is USD $1k, I will donate USD $1k too). Always remember, no amount is too small. A USD $10 donation is welcome too! For those who make USD $200 donation and above, I will personally spend 1 hour to review your website (like what I always say: if you spend more time with the #1 ranking, your ranking will become #1 too. ) So please donate generously.

Lastly, I leave you all with a quote from Audrey Hepburn. “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

Thank you for reading!
Alan Koh”

The results

Started at 9% of the target (USD$115 of USD$1200) and now we are at…………

65 funded

65% (USD $785 of USD $1200) 

Source: https://life.indiegogo.com/fundraisers/help-me-walk-out-of-my-wheelchair-with-abr

Well, there is 16 days more to go and I am feeling hopeful about it.

Have you donated?

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