Another student making passive income!

Got this picture send to me last week.


One of my student received his 1st cheque from Google.
This is the 1st website he built and he made $812.
This is his april earning. He will continue to receive his passive income from Google every month.

The strategy he deployed is very simple:

1) Find a niche keywords with demand that is inline with his passion.
2) Build a website and bring it to the top of Google search results by doing Search Engine Optimization.
Once the website is at the top of Google search, there will be FREE traffic to his website.
3) He works with Google by signing up Google Adsense and rent out his website’s space to Google.

And I am so proud to have another successful student.

I remember this Thomas Edison quote: 1% inspiration 99% perspiration”.
I could only inspire him with the 1% and he put in 99% of the hard work.
He is one of the most hardworking student I ever trained.
He asked a lot of questions and copy down almost everything I said.

I wish him success and retire early.
Hopefully I could invite him down to motivate my other students!

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