Free training at SPD – Impossible Foundation has just conduct a free training on web designing at SPD. Yeah. A dream come true for me to help more people.

They are building their personally website for the 1st time.

Most of them have never build a website before due to their limited knowledge and we remove that barrier and made it possible for them! And the moment when their website when live, you could see the joy on their faces. To trade 2 days of my time for that moment of joy is 100% worth it! Because that moment is simply priceless and I really meant it.

Providing them with a web designing certification

** Special thanks to Ben and Morrick for volunteering to help as mentors.
** Special thanks to Vodien (Singapore #1 web hosting company) for sponsoring our students 1 year free domain and 1 year free web hosting.

I hope I could train at least 200 people in need by this year (2015) and influence more people to join and train them.

My objective is simple. Here’s the priority:

  1. I hope by teaching them web designing and online marketing skills, they can get back into the mainstream of working society (Very much as I want to employ everyone but I do have my limitation).
  2. Empowering them with the skills so that they could start their own business (can be a web designing freelancer or help to manage SME marketing campaign).
  3. Remove their fear. They though it’s impossible but we made it possible for them to create their own personal website and manage their marketing campaign  (Impossible? It’s actually Im Possible!!)
  4. Create more activities for them to look forward to. They travel down and make more friends along the way.
  5. More things for them to do at home.

I may be too naive and this project may fail but I always remember what Elon Musk said: “If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.”

I choose to do it, would you join me?

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