Happy New Year 2014

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year! Sorry for the late post as I just got back from my holidays (no time to upload pictures yet). So whats your new year resolution?

For me, my top 5 resolution are:

  • Spend more time with my family and friends
  • Make the people around me laugh more often (At least 10 times more than 2013)
  • Help more people – not only helping more people to success online but I hope I can add value to people and change them for the better (For this part, i haven think of what I am going to do do yet).
  • Make my Internet Marketing Course a success
  • Lose weight (Yes, I am overweight)

Talking about overweight, have you guys seen this awesome video?

WKBT anchor Jennifer Livingston took a moment during Tuesday’s morning newscast to directly address a recent email she received from a viewer complaining about her weight.

Happy 2014
Alan Koh

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