My 1st SEO testimonial from Australia

My 1st student from Perth, Australia – Sal.

Results don’t lie – 10 weeks after applying our online marketing (SEO) strategy, his newly built website was ranked on the 1st page of Google search.

After the course, he flew back to work. I am very touched by his actions when he created a video testimonial and send to me when he is in Perth.

There you go!

Now, my website is on the 1st page of Google search. It took about 10 weeks as I have a day job. If could have been faster if I did not slag off for 2-3 weeks. Moreover, I built my website in Australia.

Alan’s method works and I am quite happy. You just need to put in the effort. The lessons are good and they have reviews to support.”
– Sal from Perth, Australia.

Maybe I should expand Impossible Marketing to Australia?
Alan Koh

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