New Website Coming Soon!

My team been really busy recently. Beside planning for our KL expansion, we are currently revamping our website!

Yes, we know that our previous website is not mobile friendly.
Yes, we also know that our menu is blur when zoom in.
Yes, we know our font is……

That’s why we listen and change!

So here is a snippet of our new website:

new website

Love the clean and corporate and feel.

It been almost 2 years since we last change our website. So we gonna do a major celebration when we launch it. Yes, a major celebration! Once the changes take place, we intend to throw a big celebration and perhaps some airplane performance + fireworks.

Let me check my schedule for the launch date…… okay…..ok……..set.
We gonna launch it on 9th Aug 2014!

Don’t be surprise if you see some fireworks or airplane performance near your place. Remember, we are celebrating it! =p

New website
Alan Koh

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