One of the cutest testimonial I ever received!

Got this very cute (not Pokemon okay, my wife is crazy over it) testimonial from my student after the SEO course. My whole team was laughing so hard when they were uploading it to our Youtube Channel.

There you go!

“I have been following SEO for quite some time and I found Impossible Marketing. I browsed his website and I found out: ‘SEO’ keyword Number #1, ‘Internet marketing’ Number #1, wahhh this guy very powerful! I was curious to find if it’s genuine. I went for the preview and I can feel that Alan is very sincere to share what he knows. I took only 1 day to decide (to attend the course). I asked a lot of questions and Alan is very patient. Over these 2 days (of training) I feel that my investment (for the course) is worth it. I have a clear mind on what is SEO and I know how to apply it.”
–  Kai Teck

Wahhh, I am very powerful le!
Alan Koh

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