Internet Marketing Free Preview Venue Secured

Been really busy looking for an “perfect” venue for my Internet Marketing Course Preview.

And finally, we manage to get one with a decent size, a decent price, and a decent location.

Internet-Marketing Venue

My Internet Marketing details as follows:

Location: Parkmall, #13-17 (9 Penang Road 238459)

Date and Time:
16th Jan 2014 (Thursday) 7pm-9pm
21th Jan 2014 (Tuesday) 7pm-9pm
22th Jan 2014 (Wednesday) 7pm-9pm

More details can be found here: Internet Marketing Course

Free Preview!
Alan Koh

Happy New Year 2014

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year! Sorry for the late post as I just got back from my holidays (no time to upload pictures yet). So whats your new year resolution?

For me, my top 5 resolution are:

  • Spend more time with my family and friends
  • Make the people around me laugh more often (At least 10 times more than 2013)
  • Help more people – not only helping more people to success online but I hope I can add value to people and change them for the better (For this part, i haven think of what I am going to do do yet).
  • Make my Internet Marketing Course a success
  • Lose weight (Yes, I am overweight)

Talking about overweight, have you guys seen this awesome video?

WKBT anchor Jennifer Livingston took a moment during Tuesday’s morning newscast to directly address a recent email she received from a viewer complaining about her weight.

Happy 2014
Alan Koh

Counting down to Taiwan Trip

Hey guys,

I will be away from 17th December 2013 to 1st January 2014.
Will be exploring different parts of Taiwan for my 2013 year end trip.


I be exploring Hsinchu, Taichung, Taroko Gorge, Hualien, Kaoshiung, Kenting and my countdown for the New Year will be at Taipei 101 mall!

I already can smell the food from 士林夜市 and 逢甲夜市, already prepared my wishes for my 孔明灯 and also the countdown concert at 台北101.

Taiwan here I come
Alan Koh

ScanDisk super mini thumbdrive – Christmas present

Christmas came early!

Got this awesome Christmas present.
It’s a super mini thumb drive from ScanDisk.


So when I plug in to my Macbook, it seems invisible.
Great for my weekly backup as I am always worry about my computer may crash.

This thumb drive will create an icon on my desktop which serve as a reminder for me to backup.

Love my Christmas present
Alan Koh


Impossible Marketing New Namecard

After the recent change of Impossible Marketing logo, we have also reprint our name card.

Our new logo:


Fantastic work from our designer team! And also the awesome slogan of “Infinite Possibilities Online”

Our new name card:



We printed our name cards at SunPress after introduced by our friends.
The quality is very good and per box only cost $9. What a steal!

New year, new namecard

Impossible Marketing New Number

Did you notice that Impossible Marketing recently got a new number?

9374 0111

Fell in love with this number the moment I saw it.

The story behind this “golden” number:

9 represent the most traditional of mobile number.

Usually a website takes about 3 months to optimize, and if you work on it 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month with 0 days of laziness, you can achieve page 1 position 1 Google ranking even though this is the 1st website you built.

Find out more at our Internet Marketing Course.

Story of 9374 0111
Alan Koh