Impossible Marketing New Number

Did you notice that Impossible Marketing recently got a new number?

9374 0111

Fell in love with this number the moment I saw it.

The story behind this “golden” number:

9 represent the most traditional of mobile number.

Usually a website takes about 3 months to optimize, and if you work on it 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month with 0 days of laziness, you can achieve page 1 position 1 Google ranking even though this is the 1st website you built.

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Story of 9374 0111
Alan Koh

Top 4 SEO Myths – Awesome article

Hi Guys,

If you are keen on SEO, you may find this information useful. It covers the top 4 Myths about SEO with supporting videos from Google.

The 4 SEO Myths are:
1) Meta Tags Are Important
2) Keyword Density doesn’t Matter
3) SEO might Die Soon
4) Keyword Rich Domains Are Ranked High


Highly recommended
Alan Koh

My 1st Hermes – Birthday present

Got my 1st Hermes belt as a birthday present.

I am not really a branded person but my best friends (mainly bankers) got me a branded belt as they want me to look good when i am conducting my course. Very thoughtful (and very expensive) of them.

The elegant orange box of Hermes
Here it goes – the “H” buckle
Its reversible (Black and Brown)

My 1st Hermes
Alan Koh

Got my Yahoo Bing Ads certificate

Yahoo/Bing Cert
Yahoo/Bing Accredited Professional Certificate

Yes! Finally got my Yahoo/Bing Certificate. Honestly, this exam is easier than the one I took from Google. The best part – Its FREE! Just before Yahoo/Bing changes their mind, i encourage everyone to go take this exam.

Here is the link:

Good Luck
Alan Koh