Sold my house at 11pm and bought a new one at 11am on the next day

I have been so so so busy! Haha

Got a call from my agent that a buyer makes an irresistible offer for my condo at Punggol and I accepted it. I guess the property market is picking up! I guess the property market is picking up!

Agent rushes down to pass me the cheque at 11pm.

After renting out for 2 years and it’s sold!

After the sale, my wife and I browse property guru and found a decent unit at Kallang. We decided to text the agent and went down for viewing at 11am the next day.

Check out the unit below…

We love the huge space (1300 sq ft), unblock view and the Mahjong table (just kidding) so much that we make the seller an offer on the spot. It was accepted immediately. Hooray!!

Can’t wait to move in!!

Perhaps I can hold my future networking event in my new home?

Cashing in + New home = Awesomeness!
Alan Koh

#1 Google position for “SEO Consultant Singapore” & “SEO Expert Singapore”

After 2 months of hard work, we are ranked #1 for more keywords in Google search! Go ahead and Google it.

We are also ranked on the following keywords

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You can view the list of our results here:

What keywords should I rank next?
Alan Koh

My PASSIVE income from Google Adsense

Started this project 1 year plus ago. I built a few websites and put in Google Adsense advertising (more info

It begins to pay off now. As of yesterday, I finally hit my 5 digits passive income online!

Not bad considering that this is 100% passive. I have not been touching these websites for the longest time.

This is why I love Internet Marketing especially SEO!

If I can do it, you can do it too! The only way to fail is the failure to try.  I did it 1 year ago and it pays off. I hope I have more time to do this. =)

SEO + Adsense = Passive Income!
Alan Koh

Michael traffic increased by 200% after apply our SEO strategy

Real student. Real results. And generally, results don’t lie.

I am extremely happy to receive more and more testimonials from my students. Michael, a business owner of an online wine store. After attending our SEO training course, his website traffic has increased by 200%. He sales have also increased by an additional 6%.

Let’s take a look at his testimonial:

During the testimonial recording, he is keen to engage our SEO service on a new website as he is busy with his new online clients.

This means, more revenue for us! =)

200% increased. WoW!!
Alan Koh

We are ranked for “SEO Expert Singapore”

Great news!

After ranking for the following keywords:

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  • More keywords here:

We are delighted to share that we are also ranked for the keywords “SEO Expert Singapore

Global searches are 110 and cost per click is $23.69. Potential monthly savings = $2605.90
We are ranked page 1 number 2 position. We will work harder to be on page 1 number 1 position.

SEO Expert Singapore
Alan Koh


Our New Office at 14 Yan Kit Road (Tanjong Pagar)

After searching for a new office for 6 months, finally, we have moved to 14 Yan Kit Road.

We built it to have the Google + Facebook office feel …..

Check out some of our photos below:

More photos can be found here:

If you are looking for SEO services for your company, you know where to find us! =)

14 Yan Kit Road
Alan Koh

Funny testimonial – teach 90% and keep 10%

Got a very funny testimonial from my student, Colin.

Colin attended my SEO course and applied my SEO strategy. He manages to bring his targeted keywords to the 1st page of Google search. This is his super funny testimonial about Chinese teachers!!

For most Chinese teachers, they usually teach 90% and keep 10% to themselves. I am quite skeptical if I can reach page 1. I applied Alan’s strategy in January and in April, I manage to rank an important keyword on page 1 (of Google search). I really want to thank Alan. Overall my experience – 5 stars!

Chinese teacher!
Alan Koh