Page 1 rank 1 in 2 weeks – CK’s SEO review

All it takes is 14 days! Yeah!

Check out the CK’s testimonial – it is really nice! =)

Well, he was already ranking well but most of his keywords are stuck on page 3-4 of Google search. After learning from us and applying our SEO strategy, his website now has a few keywords ranked on the 1st page of Google search.

It is important to learn the right strategy that works!

Really happy that my students recognise my hard work and came back to give me their testimonials. I realise I got a new hobby – to collect testimonials.

New hobby – Collecting testimonials
Alan Koh

Another awesome review – Impossible Marketing’s SEO course

The good news just keeps coming in!! =)
This time, another student of mine was ranked on the 1st page of Google search in 30 days time. Wooo Hoooo!

“My website was previously ranked on page 4-5. Now we are on the 1st page. I am very thankful to Alan. Thank you!”
– Leslie, small business owner

Aiya, don’t think to thank me la. It’s you hard work where you took action and optimise it. You deserve the awesome results! =)

Anyone looking for any SEO Services or SEO Training, let the SEO Expert bring your website to the 1st page of Google search. Hehe.

Awesome results
Alan Koh

It’s getting more and more – Adsense Passive Income

Wooo hooo! Just could not help it but to post my latest income online (100% passive). I started this project about 20 months back. It started making $300+ per month for a few months, followed by $400+ and now $500+.

As of now, I make an average of $500-$600 passive income every month. Not bad for a month of work with recurring passive income!

Maybe I should stop being an SEO consultant and start focusing on passive income? Haha.

A new course coming soon – Adsense
Alan Koh

Review of my SEO training course – Debbie

Another great testimonial from a student of mine – Debbie. Instead of engaging an SEO consultant, she decided to join my SEO course as it is much more affordable. End day, she wants full control over her website.

From page 7, now her website is ranked on the 1st page of Google search for a few keywords. She managed to achieve all this is 1 month time.

Let’s take a look at her video testimonial:

Well done Debbie!

Successful students = Successful teacher
Alan Koh

Team Impossible at LOST SG

It is the last Friday of the month and once again, my whole team is slagging. Yes, it’s team bonding time.

This month (August), we went to LOST SG to play their escape games!

We split into 2 teams and we played 2 escape rooms. 1 of the team managed to escape both rooms in time and the other team is stuck in both rooms. Guess which team I am in? Haha

Love what we do? Come join us? Regardless if you want to be an SEO consultant or admin, we have openings!

Click here to find out more:

Team Impossible is expanding!
Alan Koh

Liong Hai’s review of Impossible Marketing SEO Course

Hooray! Another awesome testimonial from another of my success student. I am extremely happy that more and more of my students are ranking on the 1st page of Google search. This gives them tons of leads and customers to follow up.

Let’s take a look at Liong Hai’s testimonial review:

“I took the course from Impossible Marketing a couple of months ago. I am very pleased to share that for most of my keywords, I am already ranking on page 1. Initially, for the long-tail keywords, I am also beginning to rank on page 1 for the short-tail keywords. It is really a very good course and I strongly recommend for those who want to do good SEO to come for the course.”
– Liong Hai, investment advisor

You can also view more of Liong Hai’s testimonial here:

Taking action + Hard work = Results
Alan Koh

Team bonding time at Sentosa – Team Impossible

It has been the longest time since I step into Sentosa. Haha.

Nevertheless, my Project Manager suggested Sentosa for our monthly team bonding and here we are.

It was super fun as we went for a swim, play captain ball, dodgeball and also WALK THE DOGS (from left “Zai Zai”, “Wang Wang” & Mico”)!!

Impossible Marketing is recruiting as we are flooded with projects. If you are keen to join us, visit our career page here:

Did I mention that you are entitled to additional 6 days of leave every year? Every last Friday of the month, we will stop work after lunch and gather for team bonding!

If you think you can add value to Impossible Marketing and bring this company to the next level, I welcome you to send in your resume.

If you are selected for the interview, I will also personally give you a tour in our new office – (remember to check out our pantry and gaming area!)

PS: We also have free access to the gym in our training centre! =)

Team Impossible – Infinite Possibilities Online
Alan Koh

Impossible Marketing is employing – Come join us!

Hello all,

As we are flooded with new clients every week and we need help! We need at least 3 more staffs!

These are the available positions:

  • Digital Marketing Trainers x1
  • Content Writer x2
  • Open Position

More info:

Come and send in your resume today and get ready to work with the very best online marketing team in Singapore!

More info:

PS: You should really check out our super cool Google+Facebook office –

Join the Impossible team today!

Sold my house at 11pm and bought a new one at 11am on the next day

I have been so so so busy! Haha

Got a call from my agent that a buyer makes an irresistible offer for my condo at Punggol and I accepted it. I guess the property market is picking up! I guess the property market is picking up!

Agent rushes down to pass me the cheque at 11pm.

After renting out for 2 years and it’s sold!

After the sale, my wife and I browse property guru and found a decent unit at Kallang. We decided to text the agent and went down for viewing at 11am the next day.

Check out the unit below…

We love the huge space (1300 sq ft), unblock view and the Mahjong table (just kidding) so much that we make the seller an offer on the spot. It was accepted immediately. Hooray!!

Can’t wait to move in!!

Perhaps I can hold my future networking event in my new home?

Cashing in + New home = Awesomeness!
Alan Koh