Police report

We are being attacked again. About 6-8 months, we are being attack by DDOS in which we manage to resolve it when we put our website behind cloudflare firewall.

2 weeks ago, we are being attacked again, this time via negative SEO. In summary, someone (believe to be our competitor) just build more than 10k of “porn movies” links to our website (www.impossible.sg).

See below for details:

A sudden increase of more than 10k links to our website
A sudden increase of more than 10k links to our website starting from 15 July 2015.
Anchor text links
Those 10k+ links pointing to our website with title “Porn Movies”

It is impossible for anyone to build so much links within such a short period therefore my team and I started to track this attack. We find out that those links comes from hacked websites all around the world. We manage also to track down a few users who are activity “building links” in these hacked websites. We notice that all these users are very active in fiverr.com (an Internet marketplace where you can outsource your work at a low cost), in which they sells their services to “build links” for others.

We have disavow all those links and made a police report with all our findings. The good thing is – there are digital footprints all around such as payment details (credit card, paypal, etc) and seller-buyer conversation. I hope we can find this attacker who actually paid this seller to attack us.

Alan Koh

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