New Training Room Reveal – Hooray!

Hey guys, it has been awhile since my last update! Business has been booming and Impossible Marketing is experiencing an exciting time full of new opportunities.

I’m ecstatic to introduce our latest training room today at International Plaza! Impossible Marketing is expanding our range of Digital Marketing courses and we will be offering hot topics like PPC, SEO, E-commerce, Google Analytics and more.

The comfort of our students is definitely a priority, and we decided to acquire an additional training room to accommodate the need for increased training space 🙂

Let me take you through our new training room’s renovation journey!

Stripping the previous carpet – Messy!
Work in progress
Renovation works are finally completed – Check out our new carpets 🙂
Brand new air conditioning and state-of-the-art projector
Large windows that make our room look larger than its 635 sq ft

A beautiful aerial view of Tanjong Pagar’s CBD District greets you when you look out of the windows. Evening guests will be treated to a spectacular sunset!

This room is available for rent when we are not using it. Are you as excited to use this training space as we are?

Do stay tuned as I’ll be sharing our latest achievements with you over the next few weeks.