Testimonial from Ven of GD Group

Got another great testimonial from one of my students – Ven from GD Group. For those who do not know about GD Group – they own the largest restaurants chain of Penang food in Singapore. So most likely, you have been to one of his restaurant before. Haha.

Ven attended my SEO training 1 year ago and we manage to catch up when he came to my recent networking event. Best part of all, his website now have 13k – 15k unique visitors every month.

He gave me a very nice testimonial to recognise my teaching. See below:

Within 3-4 months time after applying his (Alan) method, our web pages manage to get from page 5-6 to page 1 (Google search results). What Alan teach us is systematic and simple to apply. So far now, on average, we got 13,000 to 15,000 unique visitors per month.
– Ven, co-founder GD group

Adding a huge brand to our portfolio! Yeah!
Alan Koh

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