This is why I need a new and bigger room for my online marketing training

Yeah, the post title speaks it all – This is why I need a new and BIGGER room for my online marketing training. A happy problem as my preview is always full-house!

Full house in our training centre
A picture taken during my training.
engaging with the participants
Sharing my jokes to entertain my participants (Some jokes are quite lame and that is why not everyone is laughing).
nice pic in during our online marketing event
A nice view on my Hermes belt (a gift from my wife)

I feel very bad as my participants need to sit quite closely together. Many times, we close our preview registration early as it is already full-house. We may lose out on some business opportunity.

Solution – this is why we are getting a new training centre at International Plaza (just above Tanjong Pagar MRT station). It will be double the size – 1000 square feet. It will be ready by mid to end Sept 2016.

If you have any events and need a space, feel free to rent our training room. You can visit our website for more details.

Excited on our new training centre
Alan Koh

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