Toto 12m Ang Bow for sharing!

What can you do with $12m? Hmmmm….. come on, isn’t this a yearly question during CNY??

This year, we do something different. For the 1st time, my team and I has invested in 6 sets of system 8 that cost us $168 and we are sharing with our followers if we win! Can you see the 一路发 (168)?!?!

Okay, now let me present to you the winning tickets

Toto 12m winning ticket
Toto 12m winning ticket

To qualify, follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Like our Facebook page (<– click on link).
2. Comment “Huat ah!!” in this post.
3. Share this post on your Facebook.

Toto results will be out on 27th February 2015 @ 9.30pm.
We will be updating this post on the next day.
Prize money will be split evenly to those who have done all the above 3 steps.

Our personal bet? Hmmmmm…… okok, I got to be truthful now. But please don’t judge us. We work hard and “play” hard too.

And here are our bets!!

Toto 2nd prize
Toto 2nd prize

Yes, total 700 sets of system 6. Hahaha!

Huat Huat Huat!!!

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