We hit 100% of our targeted amount!!

Ask and it shall be given! A simple yet powerful message and yes……. Siti Hajar achieved 100% of her targeted amount.

Target hit

If you still recall my previous post (https://www.alankoh.net/a-chance-worth-fighting-for-siti-hajar/), she was hoping to raise $1200 USD to fund 2 months of her ABR treatment. I am glad that she have hit 100% of the targeted amount.

Through “indiegogo.com”, she manage to raise $1020 (most of them are donated by my students) and she got a private donation of $200 from another student. Total she manage to achieved USD $1220 which is sufficient to fund her 2 months treatment.

If you recall, she need to have this treatment for about 36 months and hope to get a job to find the rest of the treatment cost. I will be matching every dollar that my students donated in which I will funding another USD $1200 from my pocket to help her. Hopefully she can get a good and stable job within 4 months time.

And maybe, just maybe by 2017, she will be walking around in Orchard to do some shopping.

Don’t ever give up!

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